Northeast Metal Detectors represents America's leading brands of metal detectors. We sell what we use, and we've tried them all. No other brands of metal detectors have found more coins, jewelery, and relics than these detectors, and no other brand has the reliability and service. The metal detectors that we sell are made in the USA. Check out the rest, but don't pass up on the best.

Drop by the shop, or email us if you have a question about your metal detector, or if you're looking to upgrade. We have the pros and cons of every metal detector out there, and would be happy to share the information  with you.

We customize metel detectors to maximize depth, and we install our own custom programs on many top of the line metal detectors. That old hunted out spot becomes almost brand new with the added depth that these programs provide. We've found dime size objects at 14", and have found cannon balls at three feet!

In addition to carrying the finest brand of metal detectors, we stock just about every accessory you will need, from shovels, diggers, probes, and coils, to books, maps, batteries, and pocket detectors.  Call, or
email us for  information on anything you might need.

Although we're new to the Web, we've been in business for over twenty-five years, so, if you need us, you know we'll be there.

While you're here, be sure to check out some of the items found by the members of our local metal detecting club, the Empire State Metal Detector Association. Just click on "The Club", and go to the "member's finds" page. The vast majority of the items shown there were found with White's metal detectors sold from our shop.


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